Sunday, October 7, 2012


Ever have one of those days where, instead of being a gift, sentience is a vacuous time prison with bars that poke your loamy, soul-meat to make their presence felt?

Does it ever seem that the God of Climate Change has set its boot on the neck of Summer? And with the remorseless eagerness of a meth addicted executioner stomped the once beautiful Summer into a featureless mass of cold, gray shat?

If so, this is called Sunday.

At first, as means to escape, I dove deep into the online info-dump hoping to muckrake the abyss long enough to sponge away all the bitter, drizzle of existence.

Idly flipping through the junk society digi-dump I came upon in no particular order: a student who spiked his teachers drink with 'butt enhancing drugs', a sex tape scandal involving Hulk Hogan, and oh yeah, a nearly naked Liam Neeson sitting on a throne waiting to be drenched with water all while wearing a pink speedo, to, you know, fight cancer. All of which were mind blowing in that just 45 minutes earlier I thought I knew that:

- A well formed bottom was like a personality a thing that if you weren't gifted with at birth you could never hope to purchase

- Hulk Hogan was something of badass who had once played  Frisbee with Rocky instead of complete douche who treated women like valueless sex-bags.

- That Liam Neeson was an ACTUAL badass who... actually, Liam Neeson is still a complete badass. I mean to drop trou in front of an audience full of women while wearing a pink speedo? Balls of steel that man, great big balls of Irish steel.

As exhausted, filthy and self-disgusted as that time I had the lusty dream about the brothel inside of a garbage dump staffed by rejects from Freaks I decided to switch to the one surefire caretaker of the spark of continued creative existence:

So right, so very RIGHT!

Japanese Cartoons!!!

The day's selection: a true classic of psychic, galaxy, spanning combat: Harmageddon (Genma Taisen)!!!

In the years since I last watched Harm, things like The Matrix, and Push, and Jumper have all entered the blood stream of the main stream and it seems impossible to me that many of these projects were unaware of thee visual or thematic similarities they share with it. 

There's just something about seeing a group of insanely designed psionic warriors battle a millenia old expression of pure, evil, hate, destruction and death that leaves you feeling just super-terrific.

Harmageddon, it's hot cocoa for the soul, it really is.

Everything is going to be ok, or if not, it could be worse, much, much, much, much worse.

Thanks for the pick-me-up Harmageddon!!!!

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